Saturday, March 17, 2012

Raw Tupelo Honey 16oz price

Raw Tupelo Honey 16oz This honey came in the Tupelo trees that bloom in the Panhandle of Florida. The trees bloom once a year inside the spring for just a number of weeks making this a challenging honey to produce. In the event the bees aren't inside swamp in the wedding the trees bloom, no honey is made. Tupelo honey is known for the slight greenish cast. Please check your coloration inside photo.

About Winter Park Honey
Winter Park Honey is often a small family owned honey company specialized in helping bees create the best honey possible. We keep bees throughout Central Florida and, during the summer, we keep bees near Winter Park, Colorado also. We are committed to providing our customers many gourmet, varietal honeys in the most natural state possible. All our honey comes to you personally straight in the comb on the bottle. We always win first place in honey taste contests.

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Product Features
Raw tupelo honey straight from the comb.
Unheated, all natural honey.
Bees created this delightful Tupelo honey from the white tupelo blossoms in the Florida Panhadle.
Our Tupelo has a slight greenish cast and will not granulate.
This honey is a great substitute for pancake syrup.

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Raw Tupelo Honey 16oz

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